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Birchgrove Pilates

Discover True Strength Through Targeted Resistance

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Private Pilates session


Is pilates for you?


I believe anyone can gain strength, balance, flexibility and control through the work of Joseph Pilates. I won’t underestimate your potential, and we’ll work together to improve your alignment, posture and internal stability so you can achieve freedom of movement and lasting protection from injury.

I also believe that Pilates should be accessible to everyone, which is why I strive to keep my prices as low as possible. My classes are an hour in duration, and I only teach privates, so you can be assured that your session will be 100% tailored to your body's needs. Not everyone is happy working out in a group setting, which is why private sessions may be more comfortable for you.

 If you’d like to try this truly intuitive and transformative approach to fitness, I’d love to work with you. Join me in my quiet, private studio in leafy Birchgrove to experience the lasting benefits of Pilates.

Still not sure? Please try the introductory trial class for $50.

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Introducing Birchgrove Pilates

Established in 2010, Birchgrove Pilates is a private, boutique studio set in leafy Birchgrove.  Boasting high quality, authentic Gratz equipment shipped from New York - including the Reformer and Cadillac amongst other apparatus - you'll be able to experience the Classical approach to strength training  developed by Joseph Pilates. Your instructor is classically trained by renowned teacher trainer Cynthia Lochard at Pilates Method, Sydney, and gained her advanced certification at Romana's Pilates in New York in 2008. She specialises in Pregnancy Pilates, and gained her Pre and Post Natal Certification with the Centre for Women's Fitness in 2011. Birchgrove Pilates has been working with people from Balmain, Birchgrove and the Inner West for over a decade, and I'm excited to start work with you, too! 

Rebecca Smee Pilates
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