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Whitewashed Brick

Pre and post-natal Pilates

Are you pregnant or recovering from a birth? Take moment and slow down Mumma! Exercise is fantastic for your changing body, but you can do all sorts of damage by rushing into your recovery, or pushing your abdominals too hard when your body isn’t ready. Your pre and post pregnant body is so very different from your regular body and you must respect that. Your ligaments will likely be looser and less stable, and your muscles might be tighter and weaker, your posture altered. I’ve trained numerous bodies, just like yours (including my own!) I’m certified in pre and post-natal Pilates, and I’m excited to help you navigate this very special, sometimes vulnerable time. I’m more than happy to hold your precious bundle while I teach you, (baby carriers are my specialty!) I also know how to push a pram back and forth to soothe a tired munchkin. Babies are more than welcome!

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