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Whitewashed Brick

Meet Rebecca

Whitewashed Brick

Certified Pilates Instructor 

"I trained under renowned teacher-trainer Cynthia Lochard at Pilates Method, Sydney, and completed my advanced training at Romana's Pilates in New York in 2008. In 2011 I completed Pre and Post Natal  Pilates,  with the Centre for Women's Fitness.


I’ve lived and worked in Birchgrove for more than two decades. I’m raising my children here, and am deeply invested in the local community. I’ve trained in ballet for many years and love movement and performance. So it was logical for me to explore the strength, balance and agility that can be achieved through Pilates. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve trained people just like you, from all walks of life, so I know how much you’ll gain from this truly powerful approach to movement, regardless of your age, fitness level or injuries."

Rebecca Smee, fully certified Pilates Instructor

My Vision

"I believe targeted resistance acts as a medicine and results in profound biochemical changes in the body. We are evolved to move -  movement is critical to our underlying physiology. But more than anything, correct, targeted resistance can make permanent changes in the way our bodies function. A strong abdominal connection causes a chain reaction in the body - it allows our extremities to release, tension and pain to resolve, breath to deepen, and digestion to improve. The core, or the 'Powerhouse' as Joseph Pilates called it, is the seat of our stability. When we apply the principles of Pilates to any daily movement, whether it be lifting a heavy object, running, dancing, walking, carrying shopping, sitting at a computer or even driving a car - we are essentially reinforcing correct posture and true internal strength. Why not use everyday movement to strengthen? This is possible when we learn correct posture and placement of the body, to isolate the muscles we want to use, and release others. It's about creating a strong brain-body connection. You'll learn to use relaxed, energised strength, as opposed to tension and strain. Our genetic makeup demands this of us. Logical, right?"

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